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Customize your ride with new wheels from Fozio’s Auto Service Technology & Tire. New wheels will turn any vehicle into a ride you can proudly show off! Fozio’s Auto Service Technology & Tire is Twinsburg and Hudson, OH’s premier dealer of the industry's leading name brand wheels to help all drivers in creating a vehicle look entirely customized to their request. With an unbeatable selection of wheels to choose from in Twinsburg and Hudson, OH, find wheels of any size, budget and specification at Fozio’s Auto Service Technology & Tire.

No matter what you are looking for, our experts are eager to help transform your ride from ordinary to extraordinary with custom wheels and expert advice! Contact our knowledgeable staff today to find wheels that are a perfect match for your vehicle and lifestyle.

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All Wheel Brands

  • Advanti Racing Wheels
    Advanti Racing Wheels
  • Black Rock Wheels
    Black Rock Wheels
  • BMF Wheels
    BMF Wheels
  • Bravado Wheels
    Bravado Wheels
  • Carlisle Wheels
    Carlisle Wheels
  • Cragar Wheels
    Cragar Wheels
  • Cruiser Alloy Wheels
    Cruiser Alloy Wheels
  • Drifz Wheels
    Drifz Wheels
  • DROPSTARS Wheels
    DROPSTARS Wheels
  • Focal Wheels
    Focal Wheels
  • Fuel Wheels
    Fuel Wheels
  • Gear Alloy Wheels
    Gear Alloy Wheels
  • Greenball Wheels
    Greenball Wheels
  • ICW Racing Wheels
    ICW Racing Wheels
  • Konig Wheels
    Konig Wheels
  • Lexani Wheels
    Lexani Wheels
  • Mamba Wheels
    Mamba Wheels
  • Maxxim Wheels
    Maxxim Wheels
  • Mickey Thompson Wheels
    Mickey Thompson Wheels
  • Motiv Wheels
    Motiv Wheels
  • OE Performance Wheels
    OE Performance Wheels
  • Pacer Wheels
    Pacer Wheels
  • Platinum Wheels
    Platinum Wheels
  • Privat Wheels
    Privat Wheels
  • RBP Wheels
    RBP Wheels
  • Ultra Wheels
    Ultra Wheels
  • Vision Wheels
    Vision Wheels
  • Worx Wheels
    Worx Wheels